How to Remove Grout With An Oscillating Multi-tool

How to Remove Grout With An Oscillating Multi-tool

Almost everybody with a sound mind feels gross when the grouts are too dirty on the floor tiles. You either need to clean the grouts up with different cleaners or remove them all the way to replace them.

But before you even think of replacing or removing the grouts, you better hold your horses. It’s not going to be an easy task if you don’t use the proper tools and remover for the purpose. That’s why we recommend using the oscillating multi-tool for this job.

In this piece, we will be showing you how exactly you can remove grout with an oscillating multi-tool.

Why Do You Need To Remove Grout?

There are many reasons why you need to remove the grout from the floor tiles. Here are some of the most common causes.

Replacing Tiles: If you need to replace a broken or cracked tile, you need to start with removing the grout. This is done not to damage the nearby tiles while you take out the damaged one.

Changing The Color: White is not always great. Sometimes a different color may work better to increase the look of the floor.

Repairing Cracked Grout: Another common reason is to refill or repair grout that is cracked and half-removed. You may need to take the remaining portion out of its place to put the new ones.

Things You Need For The Removal

Here’s a list of tools and gear you need to remove the grout in an efficient manner.

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool
  • Grout Removal Blade
  • Grout Saw
  • Gloves
  • FM Ear Muffs
  • Dust Mask

How To Remove Grout - Step By Step Guide

Now that you’re ready with the gear you need, it’s time to hop in and start the removal process. Follow all the steps we mention here for a smooth grout cleaning session.

Step 1: Prepare The Room

First thing’s first, you need to prepare the room where you’re going to run the cleaning process. If you’re working in the bathroom, consider cleaning the floor to get rid of soap and shampoo residue, hair, any type of debris, so on and so forth.

If you’re working anywhere else, you need to open the windows and doors for proper ventilation so that the grout debris can fly away out of the room without making a mess.

Illuminate the entire room with powerful lights. If the default lighting of the room is not enough to light up, consider using work lamps.

Once prepared, wear all the safety gear to avoid any unwanted harm.

Step 2: Start Removing The Grout

In this step, take the best oscillating multi-tools you can find and start with the grout that is less visible if you’re not so confident about using the tool.

Place the blade of the device on the grout line and push the trigger to start the machine. Start at a lower speed for the blade to go a few inches below. Now you need to follow the gliding groove; it will help the blade to glide through the line as you increase the speed.

At this steep, slowly increase the speed and let the blade go deeper into the grout, and break it down. Move the device up and down for the blade to slice through the grout. You can see that the grout is being uprooted in a steady manner.

When you’re done with this step, you can see that there’s a dark hollow space created where you pushed the blade. You need to repeat the process for the remaining grout around the tiles.

The moment you reach the end of the floor, i.e., the corner of the room, you need to change the blade to a flush-cut grout removal blade. It will allow the blade to slice through the corner grout without the machine damaging the wall against it.

You can also use the grout saw so that you can make sure that the grout is completely removed from its place.

Step 3: Clean The Debris

Now that you have successfully removed the grout from the floor, you will notice a pile of grout residue and debris on the floor. The best way to clean it up is by using a vacuum cleaner. Simply turn the cleaner on and suck all the debris inside to get rid of the mess.

Once done, you can see a clean surface with no grout in the tile borders. Now you can proceed with the new grout implanting from this part.

Final Words

Removing grout does sound like a crazy scary job. Like the tiles we are dealing with are quite fragile and prone to damage in seconds. If you have the right Oscillating multi-tool and the necessary technical know-how, it’s actually a matter of hours to get an entire floor’s grout cleaned.

We hope our guide will help you gain confidence and enrich your technical knowledge to do the grout removal job yourself!

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