different types of jigsaw blades

Different Types of Jigsaw Blades| How to Choose Right one

A jigsaw is an excellent tool, no doubt. However, its performance depends on the correct blade. Just change its blade and use it to your cutting tasks.

Hi Guys! Remember Depending on your cutting requirement, if you can’t choose the right blade, then both of your labor and money are worthless. You can’t accept it.

Probably an experienced Carpenter can realize the need and can pick the right one from thousands of blades in the market. But for a newbie or a simple DIY lover, it becomes a useless task.

Can you imagine what to cut with a jigsaw, such as wood, metal? You can’t indeed imagine how much this tool is used to cut something. And depending on the different types of cutting, the manufacturer has made new blades with additional features.

For example, metal cutting blades have a lot of variation such as Heavy Metal cutting blades, Soft Metal cutting blades, Thin Metal cutting, Thick Metal cutting.

Because of this, we are presenting various information on the blade. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the necessary details on jigsaw blades. It will not only satisfy your desires but also surprise you. There are so many designs and quality blades that you can’t even imagine.

Let’s drive inside the article.

How to choose a jigsaw blade?

Depending on the variety of the cutting task (fine cut, reveres cut, state cut) on specific objects (wood, metal, PVC, Plywood), it requires jigsaw blades made of different materials.

So, before choosing a jigsaw blade, we recommend you follow the confidential two steps below.

Step 01: Find out the following questions:

  • Type of material What are you cutting (wood, metal, plywood)?
  • What type of cutting do you require (clean or rough)?
  • The style of cutting type did you need to make (straight, or a curved cut)?

​Type of material- what are you cutting

First of all, decide what type of object (material) do you want to cut? Selecting a jigsaw blade, it entirely depends on your cutting task. Wood, PVC, Plywood, and Metal are the primary type of cutting objects, and every cutting object has a lot of variation such as soft wood, lumber, Heard wood, soft metal then & thick metal, We will know the details later. ​​​​  ​

Type of Cutting- what cutting do you require? 

An experienced DAY will need long or shortcuts, depend on object differences. It sometimes requires faster cutting deciding on the Thickness of the Object. Fine Cut or Rough Cut What Kind of Cutting is you need, and it will depend on the blade’s teeth.

The style of cutting- What style you need to make?

At the outset, the jigsaw is an excellent tool in your workshop or construction site, just change its blade and enjoy cutting task. Different types of cutting are demand on wooden designs such as curved cut, Ripcut, bevel cart, state cut.

Step 02: Gather knowledge of the components of a jigsaw blade.

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