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About Us

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Who We Are

our vision

woodworker or DIY is expressing the beauty of your wooden furniture by creating a different type of shape. We present a review, buying guide, and a lot of information about the woodworking tools or the DIY project for you.

You will get information-rich articles from us regularly. An experients also newbies and amateur woodworkers should be able to pick the right woodworking tools.

Our mission

I’m Greenwood, an expert woodworker. This blog will be a review of the different aspects of woodworking tools and accessories. Personally, I like to research the blades of power saws such as a jigsaw, miter saw, replicating saw, so that it is possible to find out what makes each cutting more perfect of a DIY or cutting task.

It’s not a simple task to find a perfect tool for your workshop or DIY project.

Welcome you to my blog to read about my journey, my reviews, and honest opinions about woodworking tools. Hopefully, you find this useful, which will enrich your knowledge of woodworking.